Throughout 2018, Adjacent Possibilities filmed two documentaries that capture the stories of Max (Sarah) Ferguson and Audrey King. What do they have in common? Both films are complex; they are human, dynamic stories that show how suffering and flourishing can coexist. Check them out below and digest the delicate conditions of human flourishing in Max and Audrey’s lives.

Flourishing – Max (Sarah) Ferguson

Max tells their story of Human Flourishing. It captures experiences with mental illness, autism,  gender expression, and feelings of being othered. This documentary, produced by Adjacent Possibilities, captures Max Ferguson as a dynamic, complex, and beautiful human whose artistic expression makes people think critically about the monstrous and the alien. Through art, and a community that has challenged Max to see the worth of their own life, Max has uniquely thrived.

Flourishing – Audrey King

Audrey shares her story of Human Flourishing. Since contracting Polio at age 9, Audrey has overcome many barriers. Yes, some of these barriers are directly tied to her physical disability, but many are much more social. In this documentary, produced by Adjacent Possibilities, Audrey King shares of time and time again being undervalued, and of having to prove herself. Despite this, she manages to go on adventures, be involved in her community, and enjoy time spent with family and friends.